Blessing Amanda  By: Sue

Amanda, a young lady, in the ninth grade, showed very little interest in our selection. I tried to get her interested in what we had available. I figured all teen-agers liked jeans so I encouraged her to look thru a stack. She plucked out a couple of pairs, held them up, and shook her head. None of them were skinny she declared with attitude. “I only wear skinny jeans. You don’t have any skinny jeans.” She looked among the t-shirts and picked out two long sleeve black ones. On the coat rack she pulled out a black zippered hoody. She seemed pleased with her find. As we visited she became friendlier. I asked her about skinny jeans. How skinny is skinny? “Tight all the way down. These I have aren’t skinny enough,” she informed me. I told Amanda I would be on the look out for a pair of jeans for her.

Amanda was a resident at the family homeless shelter called My Father’s House. She was there with her Dad. They were together trying to survive on the streets when they got the opportunity to live at the shelter for three months. That was enough time for them to get back on their feet and ready to face the battle again. While staying at the shelter residents get to shop, free of charge, for much needed clothing that has been generously donated by the community.

Amanda was a typical teenager. She leaned toward the gothic trend of dress in her styling. She had moved from school to school as her Dad tried to stay employed. Being homeless for kids becomes an act of learning to flow from place to place. They accept life as always changing and friendships are brief.

The day after I had met Amanda while she was shopping, another young teenager, Kat, came to volunteer in the donation center. Kat is a 15 year old girl that has become an informally adopted kid into our family. She calls me Nana and she calls my daughter Mom and we call her ours when she comes to hang out with us. She is right in style for the teen set. I asked her to look thru the jeans for me to see if she could find a pair of skinny jeans for the girl that had come in the day before. When she asked me what size, I looked her up and down and said, “Your size would probably work perfect.”

She searched and came up with one pair. I marked them with Amanda’s name and set them aside to give to her the next time I was at the shelter. But apparently that wasn’t enough for Kat. She went home and went thru her closet. She gave a pair of her own practically new pants to my daughter to give to me so that I could give them to Amanda. Which I handed over to Amanda’s Dad on the following Monday along with the other pair of jeans that had been set aside for her. The traveling pants of the sisterhood in action.

I didn’t see Amanda until the end of the week. She came walking down the hallway of the shelter wearing the pair of pants Kat had given her. I reached out to her and she came over for a hug. As I kept my arm around her shoulders I commented on how cute her new jeans were. She smiled and turned around to show me just how skin tight they were. Perfect, just the right length, sat nicely on her hips, cute pockets, and a soft gray color.

Two girls, one wanted tight jeans so she could fit in with the crowd, and one wanted to give tight jeans because she knew how important it would be for the other girl. They never met each other but they connected. Clothes are a funny thing.

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